Registration & Studio Information

Dance classes run from the week of September 12th, 2016, to the end of May 2017.

The dance season is divided into 3 payments:
Term 1: September 12th, 2016, to November 20th, 2016
Term 2: November 21st, 2016, to February 19th, 2017
Term 3: February 20th 2017, to May 13th 2017

Classes will continue after May 13th up until the recital; the tentative recital dates are May 29th and May 30th 2017. The extra free classes after the end of Term 3 will be used for recital rehearsals, make-up classes for any snow days or cancelled classes during the year, and picture days.

KICKS is closed for 2 weeks from Dec. 23rd 2016 to Jan. 8th 2017 for the Holiday break and March 12th-18th 2017 for Spring break, as well as Easter weekend. Saturday Students: There is no class on Sat. Dec. 3rd due to the Mount Albert Santa Claus Parade (KICKS dancers participate in the parade). Classes run as usual on the Saturday of Victoria Day weekend.

1. Term 1 Payment plus registration fee: date of registration
2. Costume fee: October 15th, 2016
3. Term 2 Payment: November 21st, 2016
4. Term 3 Payment: February 20th, 2017

Please contact the office at to request a price list

KICKS accepts post-dated cheques made out to “KICKS Dance Studio, Mount Albert”, and Visa or Mastercard. A registration is not considered complete until all post-dated cheques/authorized credit card payments are submitted for the dance season.

A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 incl. HST is required per new family, and a fee of $15.00 incl. HST is required per returning family. Returning families: Register in June and SAVE the registration fee!

Wednesday and Thursday dance classes will be held at the Mount Albert Community Centre, 53 Main St. Tuesday and Saturday classes will be held at the Ross Family Complex on Centre St.

All students perform in the year-end recitals. The annual recital is a very exciting event. The tentative recital dates are May 29th and May 30th 2017 at Newmarket Theatre. More information will be available in the Fall.

High quality costumes are ordered for all students to wear for the year-end recitals. The recreational costume deposit in the amount of $85 plus HST per costume is due October 15th. Please note that costumes can range between $85-$100 before tax, and a balance may be issued when costumes arrive. The costume payment is non-refundable. There is a costume for each class the student is registered for. The costume fee does not cover the dance wear and dance shoes that are required to be worn to class each week.

Fees are due on the due dates listed above. Any fees submitted a week or more after the due dates will be subject to a $15.00 late fee. To avoid any additional charges, please provide us with post-dated cheques or authorized credit card payments. Payment due date reminders will be emailed to all families and posted in all KICKS newsletters. Dance fees must be paid in full by the due dates in order to attend class. Term 3 payment (due Feb 20, 2017) and any outstanding fees must be paid in order to participate in the year-end recital.

An administration fee of $30 will be charged to NSF cheques.

A $25.00 administrative fee will be applied to process a refund. Term fees are non-refundable after the 4th week of the term. Fees will not be refunded for missed classes or classes taken. Recreational Costume fees are non-refundable.

KICKS Dance Studio reserves the right to cancel any class temporarily or permanently due to emergency, weather conditions or low enrollment. In the case of a snow storm, a notice will be emailed to all KICKS families before 3pm on weekdays and by 8am on weekends. The notice will also be posted on the website and our facebook page Parents will not receive a phone call. Please ensure you have provided a valid email address in order to keep up with communication.

Proper and respectful conduct is expected at all times within the studio. This means:
-Foul language and loud or boisterous conduct on or around the premises is not acceptable
-Chewing gum is prohibited
-All jewelry must be removed before any class

Missed classes are sometimes unavoidable. However, since continual absences negatively affect the progress of the whole class, every effort should be made to attend all classes. There will be no refunds for missed classes.
A student may make-up a missed class if there is an equivalent class available. It is not the responsibility of KICKS staff to supervise your child before and after their class(es). Please pick up your child promptly after their dance class.

KICKS offers its own unique line of dance wear, accessories and dance shoes! You can purchase KICKS bodysuits, dance pants, dance bags, hoody’s, t-shirts, tank tops, and dance shorts at the Mount Albert Registration nights and at the Markham studio.

ALL dancers are required to follow the KICKS dress code:

    Pink leather ballet slippers, black or pink bodysuit & pink ballet tights
. No gymnastics slippers please.
    Clean indoor black or white running shoes (high-top converse preferred), fitted tank and dance pants, leggings or capri’s.
  • JAZZ (For Jazz/Acro see below)
    Bloch tan Neoflex 495, black or pink bodysuit and tan footed tights.
    Pre- Teen & Teen Levels: “Foot Undies”, black bodysuit or fitted tank & tan footless tights, leggings or dance shorts.
    Bare feet, black or pink bodysuit and tan footless tights.
  • TAP
    Tan low heel tap shoe (the colour is called “Caramel”) with velcro strap Capezio 3800, black or pink bodysuit and tan footed tights.
    Bloch tan Neoflex 495, black or pink bodysuit and tan footed tights.

Students must be dressed appropriately for class. Please purchase your shoes & attire once your dance class has been confirmed in September.

Hair must be tied back in a neat, secure ponytail. A ballet bun is recommended for ballet.

Professional pictures of each group will be taken in full costume in April or May. Date TBC.

The KICKS website is very informative. Please check the website for updates and important information The KICKS facebook page is also updated daily, please connect with us at

Our primary source of communication is through email. If you are not receiving emails please inform the office immediately. If your email address or phone number changes during the year, please inform the office to ensure you receive all of the studio information. Please refer to our website for a quick reference of important dates. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Parents will be invited to observe their child’s dance class(es) in the Fall. The dates of the open house will be announced in our first newsletter and posted on the KICKS website. Parents & siblings are not permitted to observe the classes on a weekly basis as the students can get distracted and lose focus. We appreciate your co-operation.

Holidays will generally follow school schedules. Holidays will be posted on the KICKS website and printed in the studio newsletters. KICKS will close for Christmas break, March break and Easter weekend.

Food and drinks are not permitted in the facility. Students may bring a water bottle to class. Please do not bring any snacks that contain nuts.

Each year, KICKS Mount Albert performs a 20-minute show at the Sports Day & Spring Fair at the main stage area. More info will be available in the Spring.

KICKS Mount Albert offers fun dance camps in July & August. More info available on our Summer Programs page.